Ray Summers (Eric McCormack) died 2004.

Ray was a reality television producer who struck up a romantic relationship with Daisy when she met him during an assignment in "Death Defying". He came off as extremely obnoxious and overbearing and was disliked by Rube, George and especially Mason. Ray disliked Mason, identifying him as a rival for Daisy's affections.

Ray was manipulative and abusive towards Daisy and, unknown to her, had a criminal record that included assault and fraud charges. Mason killed him to defend Daisy. The reaper claimed that "The first [hit] was in self defense, but the next three were a bit murderous." Ray's soul became a Graveling after his death and started to harass Daisy, causing her to sink into depression because of her feelings of guilt over Ray's death. The Ray Graveling was particularly malevolent, following Daisy to one of her reaps and causing the unscheduled death of an innocent bystander, which affected Daisy even more. In "Always", the Ray Graveling was reaped by George, turning into dust and disintegrating.

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